Friday, September 11, 2009

Quick Taste: 20 Bees Cabernet Merlot

I decided to start a new feature on the blog: Quick Taste. Every now and again I'll choose a bottle of wine and give some quick tasting notes, my general opinion and some food pairing ideas. Keeping in mind that wine tasting is very subjective -- there's no right or wrong, what you smell is what your palate is perceiving. Just go with your gut, smell away and you'll get better the more you do it! I am far from an expert but I enjoy the experiential journey, one sip at a time.

Wine: 20 Bees Cabernet Merlot (2007) -- 12.5% alcohol -- $9.95

Look: raspberry/cherry colour, clear, bright

Nose: cassis, raspberry, cedar, earth

Palate: fruit comes over well, light mouthfeel, mild tannin, a bit acidic, felt the heat of the alcohol right away

Overall: a light, easy-drinking red, affordable and homegrown. I've never visited 20 Bees Winery, but they seem to be buzzing with activity and working arduously just like their namesakes, churning out wines year after year. At $9.95 per bottle, I'd say this is a great Friday night wine, easy to drink and would pair well with chicken, pizza, or other light dishes.

Sidenote: If I didn't know this was a Cabernet Merlot, I might have guessed it was something lighter like a Cabernet Franc. It was not as tannic as I would think a Cabernet would be, and not as full-bodied as I would expect from a Merlot. Hmmmmm....

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