Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm a Superforester!

Hello everyone, I apologize for neglecting the site for a few days, I was out in nature appreciating the amazing weather we've been having this past weekend! Since my last post, I have joined forces with a fantastic blog called Superforest, and will be sharing some of my experiences and stories with their readers. Superforest was created by my new pal Jackson, and it operates in a positive mindframe, sharing stories of creative, inspiring, positive and happy things! On the site you can find everything from eco-friendly ideas, d.i.y. projects, inspiring stories, art, design, world issues and food! This is where I come in -- my focus will be food and drink, similar to here at After the Harvest, but who knows what else I will be inspired to share. Speaking of food and drink, Superforester Jackson agreed to share his answers to my new feature, 5 Questions:

After the Harvest (ATH): What is your favourite food?
Superforester Jackson (SJ): Fruit. Mangoes specifically.

ATH: What is your favourite beverage?
SJ: Whole Milk. Soooo naughty!

ATH: What is your earliest food memory?
SJ: Laying in the sun with my mother and brother on a blanket in Kauai, eating fresh picked strawberries from the garden.

What is your craziest food experience or story?
SJ: Two words: Rooster balls. That was in China in 2005.

ATH: What is your definition of a "Superforest" food?
SJ: I think that the most SuperForest food would be something your prepared with love, using ingredients that you either grew yourself, or got from someone you know personally. Tough to do, but that would be the ideal.

Thanks to Jackson for taking the time to chat -- check out Superforest and let him know what you think!

I hope you all will continue to enjoy this new feature, where I will ask
5 Questions of many different people from inspiring folks like Jackson to chefs, musicians, local foodies and home cooks!

You can see my first contribution to Superforest here.

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  1. Yikes! That's me up there.
    Thank you for this lovely mention, Miss Heather.