Sunday, August 16, 2009

Parkdale Farmers' Market

Still on the hunt for local food, I visited the Parkdale Farmer's Market in Ottawa this weekend. As I strolled along the row of vendors, I enjoyed the colourful array of fruits, veggies and flowers. It was a feast for the eyes!
This market was quite populated with local Ottawans snapping up fresh food for their week's meals. After surveying the goods, I decided on some fresh rhubarb, cherry tomatoes, heirloom carrots, radishes, wild blueberries and gooseberries!

I read in yesterday's Ottawa Citizen that the Parkdale market will be getting a bit of a makeover in the coming year, with new concrete under the stalls, lighting, trees and banners as well as new canopies for each vendor. The city's commitment to recognizing local food is admirable, but the vendors themselves will have to cover the cost of the new canopies. In the end, I am looking forward to seeing this fabulous market even more revitalized and gaining more exposure in the city in the years to come!
With my bounty from this harvest I plan to make a special treat using the rhubarb (stay tuned to find out!) and I am currently looking for a delicious way to use the gooseberries :) All of the other local gems will go to good use as well --it is so much more rewarding to cook for your friends and family when you are using fresh, local produce!

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