Saturday, August 29, 2009

No Losers, Only Cooperative Farmers!

I was rummaging around in my parents' basement the other day and I came across a fantastic game that my sisters and I used to play when we were young called Harvest Time. This game was made by a guy named Jim Deacove from Perth, Ontario! I looked them up and it seems that their family business, Family Pastimes is still going strong, continuing to make cooperative games of all sorts.

The object of the game is to harvest all of your vegetables before the frost. You roll the dice and harvest whichever vegetable corresponds with the colour that shows up. If you roll the dice and it's white, you have to put the white pieces over the fall scene in the middle to show that winter is coming. You have to race against the winter to work together and harvest all of your vegetables. If your garden is fully harvested, you can use your turns to help fellow farmers harvest their crops.

This is such a fun game and it teaches cooperation and an appreciation for farming at the same time! Also I love the retro packaging compared to the games of today, gotta love those nostalgic finds in the basement of my youth!
You can still buy this game, it has fancy new packaging but it's still a fan favourite.The next step would be to take the kids out to a farm to pick veggies, and come home and make something delicious! In this age of pre-packaged snacks and frozen entrees, it would be good to teach the kiddies where the food actually comes from....

Happy Harvesting!

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