Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Glorious Local Garlic!

Having recently returned to the Ottawa area and on the lookout for local food events, I heard about the Carp Farmer's Market and its 10th Annual Garlic Festival. Though all I had time for that day was a quick visit, I was still able to see some of the amazing local produce and of course, the garlic! Some of the garlic featured was organic, some was conventional, but overall it was a fabulous display of my favourite aromatic.
I made a few purchases of my own, as shown below:

(L to R: Puslinch and Mennonite Garlic, Music Garlic, Golden Beets)

When I saw "Music Garlic" I just had to have it -- the name alone was inspiring! One look at those large cloves and I knew they would provide me with many scrumptious bites of roasted garlic on crusty bread.

This garlic was courtesy of Acorn Creek Garden Farm, where I also spied some amazing golden beets and wild carrots. Check out the presentation!

The golden beets went into a fabulous beet salad with wilted beet greens, goat cheese, red onion, radishes and a homemade orange basil vinaigrette!
(No photo due to the fact that it was quickly consumed due to extreme tastiness.)
I also picked up some organic garlic from Railway Creek Farm, who had quite an array of garlic varieties.

I chose Puslinch and Mennonite from their baskets of bulbs. Being more pungeant, Puslinch will be perfect for pasta dishes. Mennonite is a milder garlic, so it will most likely find a home in my home-made bruschetta, since it is subtle enough to enjoy raw.

The 10th Annual Carp Garlic Festival is still on for one more day: Saturday, August 15th from 8 am to 3 pm. If you are in the area and are craving some garlic, stop by! The garlic will be glad to see you...

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  1. delicious! love the carrots...I've never seen them that way before. care to post the bruschetta recipie?